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Northern Youth Leadership is grateful to have a large support base for all of our camp activities. Our partnerships with foundations, corporations, government, personal donors, and other organizations play an important role in NYL’s ability to deliver transformational programming for Northern youth.

We are pleased to recognize the following Partners & Sponsors for their support of Northern Youth Leadership.

Key Sponsors & Partners

GNWT Anti-Poverty

Anti-poverty’s priority is to ensure NWT residents have access to the supports they need so that they can live in dignity, are free from poverty and are active members in their community.  Thank you Anti-Poverty!

Nature United

Nature United creates solutions for people and nature by building diverse partnerships to protect lands and waters and ensure nature is the foundation of healthy communities, economies and future opportunities.  The vision at Nature United is for a sustainable Canada where nature is the foundation of human well-being, prosperity and opportunity for future generations.  Their priorities include conserving at scale, innovating for climate change, investing in people, advancing reconciliation and amplifying global impact.  Thank you, Nature United!

For more information, visit their website at nature

Canadian Women’s Foundation

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is a national leader in the movement for gender equality in Canada.  Through funding, research, advocacy, and knowledge sharing, they work to achieve systemic change.  They support women, girls, and gender-diverse people to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership.  They seek to build a gender equal Canada by transforming lives, improving communities and changing systems. Thank you Canadian Women’s Foundation!

Visit their website at

RBC Foundation

RBC Future Launch is empowering Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow. We are moving beyond financial investment by engaging the public and private sectors to further understand the issue and make a significant impact on the lives of young Canadians. RBC Future Launch is a catalyst for change-bringing people together to co-create solutions so young people are better prepared for the future of work. Thank you RBC!

For more information please check out their website RBC Future Launch.

NWT On the Land Collaborative

The NWT On the Land Collaborative provides centralized access to funding and other resources for on the land programs in the Northwest Territories. It brings together government, charitable, corporate and other partners to combine efforts and make it easier for communities to access money and resources for on the land projects. Thank you NWT OTL Collaborative!

For more information check out:

Government of Canada

The NYL Connecting Northern Youth to Community, Culture and the Land Forum was funded in part by the Government of Canada. Through the Exchanges Canada Program, the Department of Canadian Heritage creates opportunities for young Canadians to gain a better understanding of their country, to connect with one another, and to gain a better appreciation of both the diversity and the shared aspects of life in Canada.

For more information visit:

GNWT Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, Government of the Northwest Territories

At the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA), our vision is to support capable, accountable and self-directed community governments providing a safe , sustainable and healthy environment for community residents. Our mission is to work with community governments and other partners in supporting community residents. The NWT Youth Corps is designed to support programs that offer a structured and varied program of outdoor/cultural/environmental, educational, work, life and personal growth experiences that challenge, engage, reward and recognize youth.   The programs must be designed to improve the outlook and opportunities for youth, develop their skills, and help them choose to become healthy, educated people who are able to make responsible personal choices.

Thank you to MACA for your continued support!

Visit the Website:

Rio Tinto Diavik Diamond Mine

Rio Tinto Diavik Diamond Mine is a key corporate contributor to Northern Youth programs. Dominion Diamond was formed in 1994, the year in which the Diavik Diamond Mine was discovered.  In 2013, the Company divested Harry Winston Inc., its luxury brand business segment, and acquired a controlling interest in the Ekati Diamond Mine, taking on the new name of Dominion Diamond Corporation.

Northern Youth is proud to be partnered with such a dynamic, community centered company. Thank you Rio Tinto Diavik Diamond Mine!

Visit the Website:

How to get involved

Interested in getting involved with Northern Youth? Contact Joanna Lehrer by phone at (867) 445-4558 or by email at [email protected].