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Youth Taking the Lead – Mataya Gillis


Mataya Gillis is 16 years old and lives in Inuvik. Here’s how she’s taking the lead in her community:

“I am the co-editor for Nipturuq, a youth-led Inuvialuit magazine. With my role at the magazine, I’m able to talk with a lot of people so I’m getting to learn a lot more about my community and my culture, and more about my family’s history which is really cool! I like to learn about my culture because I love to teach people about it and I hope one day I will represent my people as an MLA or even an MP and everything I learn benefits me. I would say engage more in your community and join and apply for every opportunity! You will not be sorry!”

You can find the first edition of Nipaturuq, Imniarvik, on apple books here.