Welcome to NorthernYouth.ca | Northern Youth is a project on Tides Canada's Shared Platform

Northern Youth Leadership wants to highlight youth who are showing leadership in their communities by finding creative ways to connect with the land and their culture. Each Wednesday, we will be posting a profile of a youth taking the lead in their community. Youth can be nominated in two ways:

1. You can nominate yourself by emailing [email protected] with your name, age, community, a photo of yourself, and by answering the following questions:

-How are you taking a leadership role in your community?

-What is one new thing that you’ve learned from taking a leadership role?

-Why do you like getting out on the land and/or connecting with your culture?

-What is one thing that you want to say to other northern youth?

2. You can nominate a youth in your community by emailing [email protected] with their name, age, community, a short description of why you are nominating them, and contact information for the youth. If the youth is selected to be featured on NYL’s social media, we will contact the youth directly for consent and additional information.

Each submission will be entered to win a limited edition NYL t-shirt!

Youth Taking the Lead

Maliq Barnard

Maliq is 13 years old and lives in Yellowknife, NT. Here’s how he’s taking the lead:

“I have been working on the community bike park for all the kids around town with a few of my friends. I learnt just how hard it can be when someone does damage to things we have been working on. I also realized that helping younger kids learn to bike is really fun and personally rewarding. I truly love just being out there. The atmosphere is really comforting and I love just interacting with all of the younger kids and just watching them progress over the months. If there was something I would want to say to other northern youth, it would be this: get your work done, then do the fun things, and if you fall, just get up, and try again. A huge thanks to the neighbours that support and encourage this great community space.”

Rudi Slagter

Rudi is 14 years old and lives in Yellowknife, NT. Here’s how he’s taking the lead:

“My friends and I have built and are managing a fun and safe bike park for youth of all ages. The bike park is a great place for parents to take their kids and develop their biking skills. I have learned that we need to set an example for the little kids because they really look up to us. I set an example by using appropriate language and keeping the site clean. Another thing I have learned is to collaborate with my friends by making smart decisions on where to put jumps and trails. I like going to the bike park to be outside, have fun with my friends and make youtube videos of being at the park. I really enjoy being on the land and have started my own outdoors youtube channel (outdoorsYK).”