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Tee Lim

Tee is a Settler-Immigrant who was born and raised in Aotearoa/New Zealand, and moved to Canada in 2010 to complete a Master’s degree at the University of British Columbia. Through his graduate studies, Tee completed community-based research examining the impacts and legacies of resource development and mine closure in the Canadian North. Tee moved to Sǫǫ̀mbak’è /Yellowknife in 2013, and through various roles has focused on Indigenous-led research, conservation, environmental and land and resource management issues. Tee currently serves as Senior Research Advisor in the Tłı̨chǫ Government Department of Culture and Lands Protection.

Tee has both experienced and witnessed the transformative potential of on the land activities and opportunities, particularly among youth, and is motivated to continue facilitating these types of experiences for other youth. He has participated in community hunts and other on the land activities and programs such as the Tłı̨chǫ Wha Dǫ Ehtǫ K’è (Trails of Our Ancestors). Tee is a keen paddler and hiker who loves to spend time out on the land, and is passionate about getting himself and others out into the bush as much as possible.

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