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Shelby Lucas

Shelby Lucas is 22 years old and lives in Sachs Harbour, NT. Here’s how she’s taking the lead:

“Two years ago I got into politics. I got elected for a number of boards and councils in the community. At the moment I am sitting on the Sachs Harbour Hamlet Council, S.H Recreation Committee, S.H Community Corp, S.H. Hunters and Trappers and S.H Parks Committee, and I am also a Canadian Ranger. I decided to run for all these boards and committees to try to better the community. Once you take a leadership role, people start to look up to you and thank you for all that you’re trying to do for the community. Although, after joining all these boards and committees, you start to see how corrupt the systems are. Our tiny town is forever getting left out from a lot – too much to get into detail. I grew up my whole life going out camping and hunting. Staying connected with your land is like a type of therapy; a therapy that I will continue to use the rest of my life. I want to tell other northern youth to shoot for the stars no matter what! Stay connected with your people and mainly your elders! Learn your culture as much as you can so it can stay with us longer.”

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