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Kiran Ray

Kiran is 13 years old and lives in Yellowknife, NT. Here’s how he’s taking the lead:

“I am building a bike park with my friends for all the neighbourhood kids of all ages, so that we can all enjoy being outdoors on bikes. Together we are building jumps and trails, encouraging younger kids to develop their biking skills and making sure we are all taking care of the space we are using by picking up garbage and being respectful of the land, the neighbourhood and each other. I have learned that when you are kind, respectful and inclusive, everyone is happy. I’ve also learned that working together, as a team, makes it easier to achieve our goals.

I like being outside because it is fun and interesting to learn about the outdoors. I like working on the bike park because it gives me goals to work toward and gives kids something to do. We are also all developing biking and building skills. I would like to encourage all the youth to go outside and have fun outdoors. Also, I encourage kids of all ages to spend time together and work as a team.”

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