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Hannah Taneton

Hannah is from Deline, NT, a community on the shore of Great Bear Lake, where she has lived her whole life.  When Hannah joined Northern Youth Leadership back in 2019, she was working as a Sahtu Youth Worker, where she got to work with youth from her own community and from the Sahtu region.  She thought NYL was another awesome group that gives NWT youth amazing opportunities, and was excited to join! Today, Hannah works as an Indigenous Language Educator for Ehtseo Ayha School in Deline.
One of Hannah’s favourite things about NYL is that NYL takes youth from all over the NWT and brings them out on the land, where they get to explore new things, meet new things and have FUN!!  She comes from a traditional home, so while growing up, her parents would take her out on the land all year round.  Hannah has learned so much from her family and elders, and is proud and thankful to be where she is today!
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