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Duncan Stewart

Duncan is 14 years old and lives in Yellowknife, NT. Here’s how he’s taking the lead:

“When there isn’t ice on the lake, all I want to do is ride my bike and discover new trails. Last spring, a group of friends and I started working on the pop-up jump park on School Draw, because we live in the neighbourhood and it seemed to us to be the perfect use for the open space. We asked for help from community members and businesses to get the materials we needed to get started. This spring, with home schooling in place, we had more time and interested kids to make the park better. There are people of all ages using the park every day, I’d say anywhere between 10-25 kids a day. I have learned that the natural spaces in our city have value to a lot of different people, for different uses. I have also realized that there is a lot of demand for a bike park and trails in Yellowknife and in particular Old Town. I like getting out on the land because it’s fun… and it’s more enjoyable than being in a classroom. I want to tell other northern youth that if you want to see things happen in your community, get some friends together and get started! Demonstrate to your leadership what you need to make kids healthy and happy.”

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