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Gilly McNaughton

Born and raised in Inuvik before moving to Yellowknife as a teenager, from a very young age Gilly was resolved to turn her love of nature into a career. One of the disproportionate number of northern students who do not finish high school, she found herself as a young adult with a grade ten education and lacking the confidence and knowledge of how to begin navigating towards her aspirations. Instead, she spent several years in the north as a youth outreach worker, coordinating community-based suicide intervention programs and promoting mental health programming. During a trip down south she participated in a guided wilderness hike hosted by a University of Alberta professor and a spark for land-based learning was lit. Inspired by their effortless ability to interpret the wilderness as an interactive story, she applied for entry into a natural resources college program. That diploma propelled her into university and away towards a degree she went. From collecting grizzly bear hair on the tundra to working on wildlife disease research projects in the South Slave, she found her niche working on the land. Now completing a MSc at Memorial University, she is collaboratively researching cultural valuation of nature with an Indigenous group in Labrador. Gilly believes strongly that without a few key people in her life to cultivate leadership and a sense of capacity, she wouldn’t be where she is today. She was drawn to NYL first as a field instructor and later as a member of the steering committee in the hope that she can be a part of someone else’s spark.

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