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NYL is Seeking New Steering Committee Members!

Northern Youth Leadership (NYL) is a project on Tides Canada’s shared platform. NYL’s mission is “to inspire the next generation of courageous young northern leaders by providing on-the-land personal growth, leadership opportunities and connections that empower young people to create positive change”.

NYL is currently seeking qualified volunteers to sit on its Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets on average 7 times a year including one weekend-long retreat. In addition, there are opportunities to volunteer for committees and to be part of the Incident Command structure during camps.

The criteria that will be used to gauge suitability of candidates for NYL SC membership include:

· At least 10 years working/living in the NWT; and/or
· Proven experience working on community development issues, with youth at risk, in education, on land-based activities or on matters supporting Indigenous communities; and/or,
· Affiliations (employee or board members) from other organizations that could help build the capacity of the program; and/or;
· Residency in regions in the NWT with an interest and experience in land-based/youth programming.

If you or someone you know is interested, please fill out the application form below and submit it to Ali McConnell, NYL Project Director at [email protected].

NYL SC Application- 2017