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Introducing our New Executive Director

I take great pleasure in announcing our new Executive Director is ….. Jill Gilday

Jill is a born and raised northerner, who can’t help but gush over the Territory she grew up in. Beyond it’s natural beauty, remote location and untamed wilderness, Jill believes the biggest resource in the north are it’s people. She is thrilled at being given the opportunity to work with Northern Youth Leadership Society in assisting youth to discover their own resilience, empower them to make healthy choices and inspire them to be strong members of their communities.

Jill brings some amazing skills, qualities and background to Northern Youth Leadership Society and is inspiring to all. She was a Youth Ambassador for Impossible2possible running 268km in 8 days while providing education modules on water as well as a member of the MACA youth ambassador program.  She has continued to volunteer for both organization mentoring youth. She has experience working in the non-profit world through her position of Sports Director with NWT Amateur Speed Skating Association.

Jill is a self described life enthusiast, she enjoys running up mountains, camping, coffee, travel, reading and time with family and friends.

We welcome Jill to Northern Youth Leadership Society.

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